From the generously sized side yards and cooling breezeways, to the shaded streetscapes and commitment to renewable resources and recycling, Breezes Muirhead has been planned with maximum comfort in mind. 

Not simply comfortable living, but comfort in the knowledge that your home and surroundings will be beautiful and sustainable for years to come. 

Darwin’s purely sustainable address


The characteristically wide blocks at Breezes Muirhead are aligned to capture the prevailing sea breezes. In addition, the design guidelines allow homes to make the most of this natural cooling by encouraging roof ventilation, louvered windows and open floorplans. Even the street layouts and site orientations optimise airflow throughout the neighbourhood, keeping homes cooler, naturally.


The distinctive greenways along the side of each block have been designed to provide a flexible and adaptable side yard, which at 4.5m wide, is ideal for entertaining, parking a boat or creating a safe play area for the family.

Climate & Energy

Breezes Muirhead is a ‘solar sensible’ suburb with practical energy initiatives that include solar hot water and solar energy systems.    The design guidelines encourage architectural features that promote natural shade and airflow, passive temperature control and sustainable building practices.     The Breezes Muirhead  Sales Land Centre also offers advice on a range of green initiatives, and water and energy-saving ideas.
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Shaded streetscapes and parklands are designed to respond to Darwin’s unique tropical climate with extensive use of native species that require less water use.

Access & Transport

Shaded walking and cycling paths link residents to surrounding attractions, both within and around the address, while a central parkway connects Breezes Muirhead to the established facilities of nearby Lyons. 

The Lee Point Road bus stop and a dedicated community bus provide a convenient, environmentally friendly transport option for local residents.

Ecology & Natural Environment

The landscape plan incorporates native local flora to provide a suitable habitat for wildlife. Many of the plants and trees utilised for landscaping are grown from native seeds collected on site by Greening Australia NT and then propagated at their nursery.


Active park space and connections to surrounding recreational spots encourage exercise and community spirit. A walking and cultural trail winds its way throughout the development and includes innovative children’s play parks and information on the region’s heritage. 

Local schools, residents and cultural groups have helped to plant trees and create the idyllic setting that captures the essence of Breezes Muirhead, while neighbourhood programs, social events and sporting activities help bring the community to life.


A number of environmental initiatives have been established or coordinated to help residents enjoy a greener, more sustainable way of living, while still enjoying the relaxed, comfortable way of life that Breezes Muirhead offers. These include: